Stories on Teen Culture and Style

Issue 03

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Inside you'll find inspiring and informative stories about culture, style, relationships, community, creativity, health, and wellbeing! Discover street fashion, young dancers, teen entrepreneurs and community leaders, real-life family stories, an emerging band, exercise moves to do at home, mediation guides, cake decorating tips, and moreincluding a colorful comic, puzzles, and DIY wrapping paper.

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Sidewalk Snaps in Missouri

On the Move with Young Dancers

One of a Kind: A Teen Entrepreneur

Adventures in Babysitting

Sparking Change: Young Community Leaders

Ringing in Hope: Bells That Inspire People

Meet Our Family: Living with a Disability

My Life In Mexico

In the Know: Periods

Playtime: The Making of a Band

Super Workout

How to Meditate

Growing Confidence at an Urban Farm

The Secret to an Endless Summer

Dear Diary: A Comic
Be a Cake Boss: DIY Decorating Tips

Good Vibes Activity Section (with a quiz, puzzles, DIY wrapping paper, and more)

Alex Beggs, Victoria Beliveau, Caroline Brammer, Chase Castor, Ashley Eddy, Margaret Flatley, Eric Johnson, Erin Jang, Jess Jenkins, Rachel Kash, Liza Kindred, MacKenna Lewis, Jacky Muniello, Francesca McConchi, Ada Nicolle, Dante Plush, Gylynthia Trotman, MD, MPH, Tory Williams, and others

"When I’m performing on stage, I feel so much adrenaline and happiness. Then afterward, I feel proud of our band, and how well we did. My dream for the Rookie5 is to be able to inspire other kids to pursue their dreams, and to always have fun!”

—Zooey, 11, Anyway Magazine