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Issue 02

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The second issue of Anyway dives straight into more stuff kids want to know about when they're growing up. In these 80 pages, you'll find inspiring stories, helpful information, and a bunch of things to doall designed for today's teens and pre-teens. This issue is great for summer reading, and it makes a great birthday gift!

What's inside? We've got stories about adventurous kids, personal style, room decor, speaking up for yourself, managing anxiety, the real deal with body hair, how it feels to live with autism, what it's like to have diabetes, an interview with a dog trainer, an interview with an artist, a DIY craft, three recipes, two comics, an activity section, and more.

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Sidewalk Snaps: On Location in Greenville, South Carolina

On the Move: Brave Young Adventurers 

Speaking Up: Four Tips to Find Your Voice

Meet Our Family

Penny’s Adventures in Worrying

Make It Yours

In the Know: Consent

Let’s Talk About Books

How I Handle Type 1 Diabetes

Words in My Brain: A Teen With Autism Shares His Story

My Life As a Ukrainian Refugee 

The Human Heart

My Room: 10 Kids Share Their Personal Space

Everybody’s Hairy: Getting Real about Body Hair

Puppy Love: Training Dog Superheroes

Meet the Artist: Inside a Painter's Studio

Trash Craft: Making Art Out of Garbage

What’s Your Plant Personality?

Dinner and Dessert

For the Love of Bubble Tea

Summer Playlist

Adventure Comic 

Activity Section

A Poem on Exploring Your Neighborhood

Our Cover Stars

Founding editors: Keeley McNamara and Jen Swetzoff

Creative director: Elizabeth Goodspeed

Writers: Lee Bonvissuto, Elyse Beard, Teresa Fitzgerald, Ellen Friedrichs, Natan Last, Emily Laurence, Sara Shepard, Shawn Shinneman, Alex Stikeleather, Sissel Waage

Tween Contributors: Arman, Cassidy, Ethan, Harper, Landon, Michael, Olya, Phoebe, Sahara, Una, Winter

Illustrators: Vanilla Chi, Verónica Grech, Jess Hannigan, Clay Hickson, Liana Jegers, Ivana Josipovic, Conor Nolan, Andy Smith, Haruko Hayakawa

Photographers: Elizabeth Block, Jyotsna Bhamidipati, Nicholas Calcott, Candi Clark, Will Crooks, Kathryne Crowe, Kristi Harris, MacKenna Lewis, Alex Pines, Martin Rusch, Glory Thompson

Designers: Parisa Dale, Elizabeth Goodspeed, Tara Masterson Hally, Adele Roncey, Jade Wang

"Having my own space means being able to go crazy, do hair flips and poses, cry when I need to, read while doing a cartwheel, or imagine I'm in a fairy treehouse—without being embarrassed or fearful that someone other than my dog will see.”

—Kiera, 12, Anyway Magazine